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Welcome To Shakaflask

If you're stranded under the hot sun with nothing to drink, you're probably

wishing for a nice large bottle of ice cold water to quench your thirst

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Our Roots

Years of living an active lifestyle has instilled in us how important it is to always have something to drink in arms reach.  We wanted the ease of carrying while walking the beach or hiking a mountain.  An idea quickly turned into a mission to bring everyone an easy carry flask while still keeping beverages cold for 24 hours and warm for 12.

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Our flask

Enjoy your beverage hot or cold with the first stainless steel flask with a handle.  That's right, your coffee stays warm and your water stays ice cold all with an easy grasp to carry.  Our sleek design will make staying hydrated during your thrill seeking and adventure expeditions an easy thing to do.  Take hydration to the next level with Shakaflask




Shaka With water.jpg